Sunday, February 2, 2014

Let's Make Valentines!

Every year my friend Gael hosts a Valentine making extravaganza!  She invites everyone she knows and as she says "her worlds collide"!  Friends from all corners of her life converge on her cute little condo in Vermont to forge their creativity and honor their loved ones.  She sets up long tables full of colorful paper, doilies, stickers and sparkles.  She's also a fabulous cook and provides us with awesome munchies to keep our creative juices flowing!

This is Gael explaining all the goodies that she has available.

She strings templates and photos of previous years' creations to give everyone ideas!
And then we all get to work....

stopping to have some yummy snacks along the way.

These are some of our creations...

And these are my Valentines....I hope the kids don't see this before I mail them!

I *heart* making Valentines!

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