Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Welcome to Thirty Six Design

Well, here I go! Thirty Six Design is my etsy shop. I've done so much research on how to be successful on etsy and when people list tips for success one of the first things listed is "start a blog". I don't see my blog as being exclusively Thirty Six Design related though...meaning I'm not going to just be advertising my shop. Instead I'd like to encompass the look and feel of Thirty Six Design into a sort of lifestyle. I'll be including decorating tips, great recipes, travel and style with lots of personal stories thrown into the mix.

 When I opened my etsy shop in 2011 it was to sell small antiques. I've always had a fondness for antiques. Growing up, our house was filled with old treasures and my mother instilled a love and respect for anything that would give me splinters. Before selling on etsy, I sold larger antiques...furniture. I would go to local auctions here in New Hampshire and Vermont, getting some great deals and then re-selling my purchases in a local antique mall. It wasn't long before I turned to the internet to sell, but I really couldn't sell furniture online, so I selected smaller more packable objects. I didn't promote my etsy shop at all. I basically just put small antiques into my shop and if they sold then great! And if they didn't it was no big deal.

 Then this past summer things started to change. I began making fabric buntings and local people really liked them. I had fun making them. I could be creative and make a little money at the same time. That's when I decided to put them into my etsy shop. That's when the obsession began! I changed my shop completely...it got a total overhaul. And things started to SELL! I couldn't believe it! I eventually added burlap buntings and then chipboard buntings to the mix and I could barely keep up with the orders!  I was working nearly full time and making buntings on the side. Christmas was just around the corner and I wanted to add something to the shop that would be nice for gift giving, but I also wanted it to go with the whole look and theme of the shop. That's when I added hand stamped vintage silverware to the mix. The vintage side appealed to the antique lover in me and the stamping appealed to my creative side. It's been about four months since I really began changing my shop. I love my shop...I love etsy. I love the freedom that it's giving me. Please visit me at thirtysixdesign.etsy.com

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