Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bathroom Quick Fix

So I'm all about decorating on the fly and on the cheap!  I wish I had some before pictures of our upstairs bathroom.  Let me try to describe it to you.  It was awful!  Picture 1970's flooring...yellow butterflies on the walls...ugly brown vanity with a green get the picture!  Of course, we didn't have the budget to replace the tub, but we did a pretty good job with the rest of the room.

We replaced the ugly vanity with a new pedestal sink.  This bathroom is so small and putting in a pedestal sink actually gives the illusion of having more room.  

We stripped the wall paper and painted the walls a pale lavender.  I'm not much of a purple fan, but the tub is still green and I thought the lavender would look nice with green.  I added a few pictures of ferns to also tie in the green.

Notice I said I'm not a fan of purple, yet I have a purple shirt on that day!  We pulled out the old medicine cabinet and purchased a large mirror to hide the gaping hole.  The silver ties in nicely with the silver fixtures too.  We also purchased a new towel holder and a toilet paper holder that match.

I put the other fern picture over the toilet.  I love the bright white with the looks so clean and cool.

I purchased some green, lavender and white towels to go with the new decor and I use the old burgundy ones for dog washing.  The total cost was under $300.  I'm so glad the 1970's have left the room!

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